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Hanna Truelove, 16, Found Dead After Tweeting About Stalker

Several strange messages appeared online before the night Hanna Truelove went missing from her Gainesville, Georgia home on Thursday.

The 16-year-old girl was found dead in the woods behind her home on Friday after her mother reported the teen missing Thursday night.

The teen girl released several tweets before her disappearance, leading authorities to classify her death as

Truelove’s Twitter feed included posts like “So scared right now,” “I got me an uglyass stalker” and “This can’t be happening...”

According to WXIA-TV, the girl was not a victim of a stranger. Due to the circumstances surrounding her death, investigators are questioning relatives and friends.

The teen’s grandfather discovered her body on Friday night while he walked through the woods. Authorities ruled her death as a homicide after an autopsy was performed on Monday. What was found in the autopsy has not been released.

In an attempt to quell fears, grief counselors visited Gainesville High School, which was attended by Truelove.


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