Handgun-Carrying Customer Puts Stop to Syringe Assault at Detroit Home Depot


A customer with a concealed handgun at a Detroit Home Depot put the brakes on a man who was “getting the best of” a loss prevention officer by stabbing him with a contaminated needle.

Joshua J. Silva, 26, who claims he is addicted to heroin, was arrested Monday after attempting to fight a loss prevention officer who stopped him in the parking lot for stealing a $179 drill, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said Silva did not appear to be using the drug at the time of the assault.

When the security guard tried to stop Silva from stealing the item, Silva took the dirty syringe out of his coat and began making slashing motions. He managed to stab the officer five times in the hand, prompting a nearby shopper to take notice of the man, who seemed to be  “be getting the best of” the loss prevention officers.

Pulling out his handgun, the man told Silva to release his weapon and drop to the ground. Silva did so but began running when he heard police sirens. The loss prevention officers let him run, and the police officers quickly apprehended him.

The customer with the handgun said he thought Silva might try and kill the security guards if he didn’t intervene.

Berlin said the syringe will be tested by the Michigan State Police crime lab and that they will seek a warrant to have Silva tested for infectious diseases.

Silva, who has a record of drug and retail fraud charges, was arraigned on second-degree retail fraud charges and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. The first charge is a misdemeanor with a one-year penalty, while the second is a 10-year felony. He is being held in Macomb County Jail on $25,000 bond.

As for the concealed-handgun carrier, he will be recommended for a Good Samaritan citizen award.

Sources: Detroit Free Press


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