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Handcuffed Man Somehow Steals Police Car And Drives Off, Is Still On The Run

Meth makes people do strange -- and incredible -- things. A week after we told you about a man high on meth who fought off multiple cops while masturbating, we’ve got another wild story for you. Meet Steven Melton.

Melton lives in Lauderdale, Tennessee. Police were at Melton’s house on Saturday morning to serve a warrant. Melton let officials inside his home, in which police officers found an active meth lab and numerous pipe bombs. Officers arrested Melton and placed him in the back of a squad car.

In hindsight, the officer’s next move is regrettable. They left Melton unattended in the back of the car while they went back inside his house and gathered more evidence. If Melton’s next move didn’t really happen, you’d swear it was straight out of an action movie.

While the officers were inside, Melton managed to kick an 11 inch hole in the plexiglass confining him to the back seat of the car. He then climbed up to the driver’s seat of the car and drove it away. Incredibly, he did all of this while handcuffed.

Hours later, officers found the stolen car crashed in the woods. As you’d expect, Melton was gone. A helicopter searched the surrounding area, but Melton was nowhere to be found.

Melton remains at large today. Police believe he is both armed and highly dangerous. Any citizen who believes they may have seen Melton are encouraged to call law enforcement immediately.

Sources: The Blaze, WMCTV


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