Handcuffed Couple have Sex in Police Car on Way to Jail

What would you do if you thought you may be going away to prison for a while? Perhaps have sex with your significant other one last time? Sure, but in the back seat of a police car while you are being driven to jail? That's just what one Texas couple apparently did.

According to a report on The Smoking Gun, 44-year-old Tina Arie and Howard Windham, 30, were picked up Monday on drug charges. They were handcuffed and put in a squad car.

At one point the officer glanced in his rear-view mirror and he “could no longer see Tina Arie,” according to a spokesperson for the Montgomery County Constable Precinct 4. She claimed she was resting her head on Windham's lap because she was "tired."

The officer was dubious so he pulled over. Much to his surprise, Windham’s jeans were undone “and Arie was servicing his exposed genitalia.” This despite them both being handcuffed behind their backs. The officer “ordered them to cease sexual contact," and they were taken directly to jail.

But the couple did catch a break. They could have faced misdemeanor public indecency charges, but cops decided that felony drug charges were enough.


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