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Handbag Robbery Leaves Grandmother With Horrific Injuries

Four teenagers were arrested on Monday in connection with the robbery of a 78-year-old grandmother that left the woman with horrible facial injuries.

According to police, the elderly Sabina Harrison was walking to a bus stop when she was approached by four male teenagers. When one of the teenagers grabbed her handbag, the woman fell to the ground. Her face was covered in bruises and gashes after she fell. 

“The photo of the victim is particularly graphic and shows the nasty facial injuries she received in this incident,” Police Captain Phillip Dodsworth said. “We hope the impact of this image will encourage anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward. We are particularly keen to speak to the driver of a gold or silver Mark IV Volkswagen Golf which was seen on CCTV just before the incident.”

Harrison was taken to a nearby hospital following the February 28 attack. She received treatment for facial injuries and bruising. The incident reportedly traumatized her so much that she is now afraid to leave her home.

The four teenagers arrested are ages 14-17. They were eventually released on bail after being questioned by the police. Police Captain Dodsworth did not say whether the teenagers will be charged for their possible involvement in the robbery. 

Sources: Metro, Manchester Evening News


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