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Hampshire College Creates Scholarship for Illegal Immigrants

Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, has created a new scholarship for undocumented students, reports the Boston Globe.

So far, Hampshire College has $300,000 in donations for the new scholarship, which can support one student every four years.

In Massachusetts, undocumented immigrants can attend college, but are charged out-of-state rates for tuition.

Undocumented immigrants are not allowed to receive federal financial aid such as Pell Grants.

Hampshire College sociology professor Margaret Cerullo told the Boston Globe: “Many of us who went to college in the post-World War II boom went on full scholarships. All financial aid was need-based. Increasingly that’s not true anymore. For a lot of us, access to higher education is a deep principle."

“We raised money from alums, prior donors, parents, and the graduating class. We asked students to dedicate their graduate gift to the undocumented student fund. We tried to raise money on every front we could. We wanted funding not for one year, but ongoing to ensure access for undocumented students.”


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