Hamas Hackers Get Control Of Israeli Domino's Pizza Facebook Page


Hamas computer hackers took over the Israeli Domino’s Pizza Facebook page for about an hour on Sunday, posting anti-Israel statuses and changing the site’s pictures in the process.

One of the statuses posted read, “Today will strike deep in Israel, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Ashdod more than 2000 rockets. We’ll start at 7. Counting back towards the end of Israel … Be warned!” according to the Algemeiner.

Hackers also put up a picture of Israelis who were hiding from rockets in a sewer pipe along with the caption “The right place for every (Israeli) – the sewer pipe, hahaha!”

In response to the picture, an individual posted a photo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with pizza and commented “You know who lives in sewers? And what they eat?”

Another response to the hackers’ posts read “Hey, please reserve a missile for me with jalapenos, green olives, extra cheese, and mushrooms. You have my address. Tell the delivery boy to activate the alarm when it is arriving, so I know to put my pants on.”

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Hamas and Israel are currently in the midst of a conflict, with Israel launching missiles at the Gaza Strip and Hamas launching rocket since the beginning of this month. More than 160 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict and the majority of deaths have been civilians. Several Israeli citizen have been injured.

When Domino’s owners regained control of their page, they posted a short victory status.

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“You cannot defeat….The Israeli hunger for pizza!” it read.

Source: The Algemeiner


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