Halloween Decoration That Features Obama Tombstone Offends Some


An Oklahoma woman is expressing outrage over one of her neighbors' choice in Halloween decoration – a graveyard featuring a Barack Obama tombstone.

Jamilla Phillips of Edmond says she was shocked to see the Obama tombstone in her neighbor’s yard as part of his Halloween display. The tombstone features President Barack Obama’s name with a question mark where his date of birth should be.

“I was absolutely offended,” said Phillips, who is new to the neighborhood, to KOCO News. “He is the president of the United States, and it actually is about respect. It’s a total respect thing because this person is still alive.”

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Dwayne Dockens, who made the tombstone, says it has been featured in his yard for the last three years and he has never gotten any complaints about it. He claims he made it a few years ago when the issue of the president’s birth certificate was a hot topic.

“And we made all these ourselves, so just thought it was kind of humorous and, you know, went ahead and put him in there as well,” said Dockens.

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Dockens says his intention wasn’t to offend anybody, but he still isn’t sure that he’s willing to take it down.

Phillips worries that the tombstone is sending a bad message to children.

Sources: Daily Mail, KOCO News

Photos via Daily Mail


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