Halloween Decoration Leads To 911 Call (Photo)

Halloween Decoration Leads To 911 Call (Photo) Promo Image

An unusual Halloween decoration led emergency responders to arrive at a Tennessee home after a 911 call.

Johnny Riddle of Greenville, Tennessee, called 911 to warn them about what appeared to be a gruesome crime scene in his neighbor's driveway, WJHL reports.

"There's a guy laying in his driveway, with two big bloody handprints on the side of the house," said Riddle in the 911 call. "It looks like he was dead I don't know I didn't stop I just came on to work."

The body lying in Joseph Lovergine's driveway turned out to be clothing that was stuffed with paper -- Lovergine's family said that Halloween is their favorite holiday, and they had gotten an early start.

"I thought it was somebody, I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway," said Riddle.

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Lovergine said that police arrived at his home due to the 911 call about a dead body.

"I said thank you guys for caring but I'm doing just fine," said Lovergine, adding that deputies even pulled off a boot from the decoration to ensure that it wasn't a real person.

"I was actually going to dress up under there after everyone's seated for so long and when they come out to get drinks or something I was going to pop up out of the garage door and scare everybody," said Lovergine, who added that he hopes people didn't take offense at his fake body.

Riddle said he was relieved that it was just a decoration and not a real dead body.

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The Green County Sheriff's Department even shared the display on Facebook, warning residents not to call 911 over the "body," Penn Live reports.

"Attention, everyone! For those of you driving on Chuckey Pike in Greene County: THIS IS A HALLOWEEN DECORATION!" wrote the department. "Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display."

A homeowner in Guthrie, Oklahoma, received backlash from his community for decorations that some neighbors said were over the top, according to KSTU.

Tyler Everest's Halloween decorations included swinging "dead bodies" so lifelike that some in the neighborhood said they were inappropriate for children.

"Totally disgusting, and scary, and way out of control for the age limit of the kids on the street," said a neighbor.

Some neighbors have reportedly contacted authorities to see if they would take down the decorations, but police said Everest is not violating any laws.

"It would have to be something way more graphic, something with profanity," said Guthrie Police Sgt. Jeremy Thorne. "If they had a name or something written on them, something like that would be against the law."

Everest said that the decorations are his passion, and added that his truck is covered in zombie-themed stickers year-round.

"It's really the only time of year that people like me who love the unknown, love haunted houses, love horror movies can really express how much they like it," said Everest.

He added that he would keep half of his yard kid-friendly, so that children who were scared of the decorations on the other side could still come to trick-or-treat.

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