Hallmark to Have 'Kitten Bowl' On Super Bowl Day


For diehard Super Bowl fans, it is probably surprising to know that a Puppy Bowl has aired on the Animal Planet on the same day for nine years. 

Mostly popular with kids and those who are more interested in fluffy puppies running across a carpeted field than large men tackling each other, the show has become a cultural phenomenon.

But now, it has some competition, as Hallmark Channel is starting its own Kitten Bowl.

It will run for three hours and be shown on February 2, 2014 at 12pm. 

It is supposed to consist of tiny, meowing kittens running "basic obstacle courses of hurdles of varying heights, A-frame Alpine Scratchers, tunnels, hoop jumps and weave poles."

They will use laser pointers and toys to guide the kittens through the course, but will not use food.

Though real cat agility competitions usually have rules that state cats must complete a course in under 270 seconds, the Kitten Bowl does not have a time requirement. Instead, "any form of cuteness is key to the game."

Hallmark actors will be judges, referees and sideline trainers, while home viewers will vote for the "MVK," or Most Valuable Kitten.

Animal Planet knows about this new competition, but is not upset or surprised. Instead, they are happy that pet adoption is being promoted, as all cats featured on the show will be up for adoption.

"You've GOT to be kitten me!" Animal Planet said in a statement. "With the record-breaking success of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, our famous Kitty Half-Time Show and the huge viewership for our new live Kitten Cam, we're not surprised by a 'copy cat.' After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We're just happy that pet adoption is being promoted and more animals are finding their fur-ever homes."

In the Puppy Bowl, all animals come from shelters and rescue organizations and are available for adoption.

It works by dogs scoring touchdowns when they bring a toy over the goal line. 

But it's not just the dogs that have viewers tuned in, as the show also features a Water Bowl Cam and a hamster-steered blimp.

Sources: Daily Mail,Hollywood Reporter


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