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Losing Drug War? Half of NYC Murders Drug Related

Proponents of ending the War on Drugs and making narcotics legal have another piece of evidence to back up their argument -- half of the murders in New York City are drug-related.

The New York Daily News reviewed the latest NYPD crime statistics, and the numbers show that so far this year, 49% of all murder victims are involved with drug use and/or drug sales, and 53% of murder suspects have some kind of involvement with drugs.

Drugs are the exclusive motive in 12% of killings. But police say that figure is much higher when other factors such as previous disputes and criminal histories of victims and suspects are included.

The statistics show 67% of murder victims are black, 25% Hispanic and just 4% white.

The report also said guns were used in 62% of all killings. 65% occurred outdoors. Only 10% of murder suspects were women, and 77% of victims knew their killers.

Other random numbers: 

-- The deadliest day of the week: Saturday (89 murders)
-- The safest: Tuesday (58 murders)
-- The deadliest time of day: 3 am to 4 am (41 murders) 

Overall, murders are up slightly this year in New York City. Through December there have been 476 murders, compared to a record low of 470 last year.


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