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Half-Naked Woman Found Huffing Hairspray In Walgreens Bathroom

Shurki A. Sheikh-Hussein was found half naked and huffing hairspray Friday morning at a Louisville Walgreens.

An officer reported that the 25-year-old was seated on the floor of a locked bathroom stall at the drug store, nude from the waist up. She was inhaling hairspray from a cloth.

Sheikh-Hussein reportedly ignored commands from police to remove herself from the stall and could not stand steadily on her feet. Police also reported that her speech was slurred and that she smelled strongly of hairspray.

Witnesses say Sheikh-Hussein had stolen two cans of hairspray from the store and a few pieces of clothing that she used to inhale the substance. The hairspray was valued at $31.55.

It is unclear what happened to the woman’s own shirt.

Police said they felt that Sheikh-Hussein was a danger to herself and others, so she was taken into custody.

She was charged with public intoxication and shoplifting.

Sources: Wave 3, Daily Kenn


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