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Half Naked Activists Protest Fashion Show Because of Fur

Half-naked animal rights activists recently protested clothing designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show over the use of animal fur in his clothing.

"Animalisti Italiani" activists protested outside the Santo Spirito in Sassia, a famous church in Rome, Italy on July 8.

The male protesters wore speedos and the females had anti-fur stickers attached to their breasts, noted The Sun.

The men also had "Gaultier No Fur" written on their chests and waved posters that read: "Jean Paul Gaultier: Shame on You!"

Many of the protesters also had fake blood dripping from bodies to illustrate the suffering of animals killed for their fur.

The 50 Animalisti Italiani protesters tried to stop the audience from entering the the fashion show, which was part of AltaModa Fashion Week.

During a Paris fashion show in 2008, Gaultier had his models wear foxes as hats and said at the time: "I love fur. I have always used fur."

Animalisti Italiani was founded in 1998 on behalf of rights for humans and animals.

Source: The Sun


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