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Christina Shaw, Indianapolis Hairstylists Fight over $9.5M Lottery Jackpot In Court

Hairstylists at an Indianapolis salon allegedly pooled their money to buy a lottery ticket, but when their coworker Christina Shaw ended up winning the $9.5 million jackpot, she refused to share. According to her, the ticket was one she bought with her own money, not the group’s.

An attorney representing the seven other women asked a judge Wednesday to extend an order issued last week banning the Indiana Lottery Commision from paying Shaw. Marion Superior Court Judge Heather Welch left the ban in effect and will rule Friday on whether or not to extend it further so that the group will have time to reach a resolution or file a lawsuit.

The seven women all work together at Lou’s Creative Styles. Shaw was put in charge of buying the lottery ticket for the Feb. 16 drawing. Afterwards, she reportedly told the other women, “You didn’t win, but I did.”

Shaw’s attorney outside the courtroom on Wednesday reiterated her claim that she bought the winning ticket for herself and other tickets for the group at the same time at the Eastside Speedway station. Shaw was not in court that day.

Testimony from the seven coworkers and three former coworkers state that buying a ticket for oneself is against the pool rules. Each coworker that took the stand stated that the buyer of the ticket is not allowed to buy a personal ticket at the same time or the same location, when buying a ticket for the office pool. Otherwise that ticket would also belong to the group.

Scott Montross, attorney for the seven coworkers, said he hopes that the dispute can be settled without a lawsuit. He also said he had not heard from Shaw or her attorney about settlement.

“They are much more disappointed than they are angry,” Montross said of the seven coworkers. “I think they would love to have this resolved...They just want things to be handled fairly.”

Hair salon owner Lucy Lewis-Johnson said the group never won anything before, and if they did. it was so little they put the money back into the pot for the next drawing.

Source: IndyStar


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