Hacker Higinio Ochoa Caught by FBI Via Sexy Pictures of His Girlfriend


Higinio O. Ochoa III, of Galveston, Texas was arrested on March 21 and charged with hacking web sites of several police and public safety organizations in West Virginia, Alabama and Texas during February and March.

An FBI report accuses Ochoa of membership in the hacker group CabinCr3w, a 'hacktivist' group linked to the 'Anonymous' group.

Ochoa, a computer systems administrator, allegedly went by the online nickname “w0rmer” and posted messages about the hack on Twitter as “@Anonw0rmer.”

It was pictures of his scantily-clad girlfriend Kylie Gardner (from Australia) holding a message taunting U.S. authorities and her behind that led to his arrest (pictures below).

Taken with a smart phone, the pictures included GPS embedded data indicating when and where they were taken. The FBI used that digital information to create a link to Gardner in Melbourne, Australia with whom Ochoa was involved romantically.

The FBI then found Ochoa's Facebook page, on which he named Kylie Gardner from Australia as his girlfriend.

The FBI investigation also turned up one online posting linking the “w0rmer” identity directly to Ochoa and an unsecured wireless network in Ochoa’s apartment building was used to hack the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

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