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Gypsy Taub, San Francisco Nudity Advocate, Plans All-Naked Wedding On City Hall Steps

Gypsy Taub has solved the problem facing every prospective bride. Anyone who’s ever had a wedding can tell you how much anxiety goes into the selection of the exact, right, totally perfect wedding dress.

But Taub doesn’t even have to deal with that. At her wedding, planned for this afternoon, she knows exactly what she’ll be wearing.


And neither will her groom, Jaymz Smith, whose 20-year-old naked body will be on full display at the nuptials planned for the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall this afternoon, right next to Taub’s 44-year-old fully exposed physique.

Taub (pictured, with megaphone), the best-known pro-nudity activist in San Francisco, has been married at least two times, and maybe three. She’s not sure.

"If you want to enumerate all of the relationships I've had, it might take up a lot of space in the newspaper," she told the San Francisco Chronicle, for a story about her impending wedding.

She’s also been arrested numerous times, each time wrapped by police in a blue blanket before being carted off.

Starting in February of this year, San Francisco — long home to the freewheeling lifestyles of various freethinking subcultures going back to the original hippies of the city’s Haight-Ashbury district in the the mid-1960s — banned public displays of nudity. Taub has been protesting ever since.

Taub, a native of Moscow, Russia, whose real name is Oxana Chornenky, says that she has always “wanted to be free from body shame” and took her first step toward that goal when she arrived in the United States and got her first job — as a stripper at the then-infamous Naked Eye club in Boston, Mass.’s now-defunct “Combat Zone.”

She now hosts a public-access cable TV show, My Naked Truth, in which she discusses political topics while in the nude with guests who are also nude while being interviwed by Taub.

She was first arrested while speaking at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors public hearing on the nudity ban last year. She brought her three children with her, and during her speech before the board, disrobed.

She did the same thing the next time the Supervisors met to discuss the issue.

"I had to take my pants off and my shirt and all of that," she sais. "I got naked and started yelling at the supervisors."

Whether her wedding will be completed before the blue blanket comes out will be determined later today.

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