Gym Figures Out Perfect Way To Get People To Return Weights (Photo)


The population of every gym in the world is comprised of two types of people: those who care about others and those who only care about themselves. The latter group generally consists of folks who grunt at full-volume while lifting, hog the machines while they sit and play on their cellphones, and always make it a point not to return the weights to where they got them from.

One ‘Anytime Fitness’ gym decided to address the problem of weights not getting returned to their rightful places with a creative sign.

A Reddit user spotted this and posted it online:

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While most people agreed that the sign was funny, a few readers suggested that it was a little sexist. They seemed to think that the gym was insinuating that women are weak.

The vast majority of people got a chuckle out of it, though. 

Source/Photo Credit: Reddit, Wikimedia Commons


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