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Guy Who Killed 14-Year-Old And Taunted Her Parents Learns His Fate

A man convicted of stabbing a Chicago high school freshman to death has been sentenced to 160 years in prison.

John Wilson Jr., 41, stabbed 14-year-old Kelli O’Laughlin to death when she came home from school to find Wilson burglarizing her home.

Wilson used an eight inch carving knife from a butcher’s block and stabbed Kelli in the neck, back and chest. One of the wounds pierced her aorta.

Kelli’s body was dragged from the family room into the kitchen by Wilson, and he then proceeded to ransack the home.

Wilson took a bowl of coins, an iPod Touch and Kelli’s cellphone.

Kelli was discovered by her mother Brenda O’Laughlin at around 5:30 p.m. when she returned home from work. Kelli died later that night in the hospital.

The next morning, Wilson sent Brenda taunting text messages from her deceased daughter’s cellphone, reports The Daily Mail.

One of the text messages read, “She wanted to tell you something before I killed her.”

Police were able to find and arrest Wilson by tracking Kelli’s stolen cellphone signal.

Brenda testified in court at the sentencing hearing and said she wished she had been the one who walked into the house that day “to see that evil killer.”

“I cannot even begin to imagine or endure her last moments of life with that evil man,” Brenda said in court. “Kelli was a true innocent victim. What physical threat could she have been?”

Wilson told the judge he did not know why he was in court and “the voices in me told me not to talk to you.”

Judge John Hynes called Kelli’s murder “a crime that shocked the conscience of the community.”

Wilson was sentenced to 100 years for first degree murder, 30 years for armed robbery, and 30 years for home invasion, reports WGNtv.

Kelli’s father, John, does not think 160 years is a long enough sentence but acknowledges it is the maximum allowed.

Kelli's mother is satisfied with the outcome of the trial.

“Justice will never be done because Kelli’s never coming home,” Brenda said. “But, as far as the sentencing, I am very pleased with it because he will never be out on the streets again to harm another child.”

Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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