Tree Impales Man In Testicles After Car Crash (Photos)


A man in England castrated himself after crashing into a tree, only to look down and find his testicles hanging off a branch.

Nicholas St Clair, 27, was speeding at nearly twice the speed limit with passengers when the car slammed into a tree in March, the Daily Mail reports.

After removing a branch that had crushed the windscreen and fallen inside, he was horrified to learn what he had just done.

"I pulled it out and my testicles fell out," St Clair said.

Passing out, he was hospitalized shortly afterwards.

While his passenger suffered relatively minor injuries, St Clair will never be able to have children or sexual relations using his testicles.

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He also required 20 stitches to wounds in other areas of his body.

St Clair was sentenced to a three-year stint in jail in February 2015 after attacking his friend with a baseball bat.

Yet officers say the man had since reformed in many ways, alerting them to an inmate stabbing at the prison only one month ago, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

While other prisoners let the man - who had been stabbed 20 times - bleed on the floor, he was the only one to intervene by informing staff.

Authorities recently released St Clair on condition he work as a mechanic and sign in everyday at a bail hostel in Scunthorp.

St Clair explained he was rushing to the hostel when the accident occurred.

The speeding driver also hit another car as he attempted to perform a "a Formula 1 maneuver" before the tree impaled him in his testicles.

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"You were driving like a lunatic," said Judge Paul Watson QC as he sentenced St Clair to another eight months in prison. "You were driving at an excessively fast speed on country roads and driving on the wrong side of the road. It is not only merciful, it is miraculous that no one was fatally injured. I have seen much less serious collisions that have resulted in tragic fatalities."

He has also been banned from driving for 18 months and will be forced to re-test when allowed back on the road.

Sources: Daily Mail  and Hull Daily Mail / Photo Credit: jrsnchzhrs/Flickr, Hull Daily Mail, Daily Mail

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