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Man Decides To Become A Parrot (Photos)

A man in England loved parrots so much he decided to turn into one.

Using his pension money, retired shoe factory worker 57-year-old Ted "Parrotman" Richards went to extreme lengths to resemble the bird, the Daily Mail reports.

Not only did the man cut off his own ears, he is now planning on turning his nose into a beak. He also installed horns onto his head.

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Adding to his impressive amount of body art, the man has also tattooed his eyes and tongue.

Richards, who has since changed his last name to "Parrotman," says the metamorphosis has improved his life.

"I’ve come right out of my shell," he said. "Since I’ve been doing all this, I’ve been talking to a lot more people. It would be nice to share everything."

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Yet many have taken to social media to criticize the man's choices.

"Really???" said one Twitter user. "Why do people put themselves through it all? #bafflesme."

"Man, 57, transforms himself into a complete and utter idiot, who will probably never be employable (certainly not in a position where he has to meet the public and represent his employers)," one user wrote on the Daily Mail's Facebook post about the man.

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Others, however, say it is not fair to judge Parrotman for his transformation.

"He's not hurting anyone?" wrote another Twitter user. "Let him be a parrot! Each to their own."

Matt Whelan, a man who claims to know Parrotman personally, also spoke out in defense on the Daily Mail Facebook page:

Let me tell you something, i know this man personally, we both go to the same tattoo studio. He's the most lovely man and is incredibly sociable. Just because something isn't "normal" doesnt make it a bad thing or a disgusting thing or mean he's "a freak" or has "problems" - it means he likes to be different and it makes him happy.

Sources: Daily Mail, #Parrotman/Twitter, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: "This Morning" via Daily Mail

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