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Man Injured After Interrupting Bears Having Sex

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A California hiker learned an extremely important lesson while on a trail recently -- never interrupt bears while they're having sex.

Dan Richman was reportedly walking on a trail near Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park when a bear approached him and stood up on its hind legs. Richman then turned around and spotted another bear, which attacked him.

Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan told the Los Angeles Times that the bears “may have been a mating pair that was interrupted.”

When the second bear attacked, Richman told KTLA that he began to yell at the top of his lungs in an attempt to scare it. It worked at first, but the bear went after him as he tried to run away.

"He grabbed my wrist. Grabbed my upper leg. He actually put his mouth around my neck. And I just stayed really, really still,” he said. 

He told KABC that staying completely still was the thing that saved his life.

“Being as still as possible was going to free me, and by some miracle that is what happened,” he said. 

Richman then ran down the mountain towards home, and that’s when a neighbor spotted him and called 911. He sustained cuts to his head, torso, legs and feet in the attack, and was completely covered in blood.

The 54-year-old was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. He told KTLA that he had pain in his leg from a bite but was otherwise “feeling good.”

“If the bite had been a millimeter more it would've severed my tendon,” he said. “I'm just really fortunate."

Officials said they were investigating the attack and searching for the bear that injured Richman. If the bear is captured, they said, it would be euthanized. 

The city of Sierra Madre, as well as Fish and Wildlife officials, assured residents that there was no imminent danger to the community as a result of the attack.

Sources: KABC, Los Angeles Times, KTLA / Photo credit: KTLA

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