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'It Looked Unreal': Man Discovers Giant Hornet's Nest (Video)

Texas homeowners were shocked to discover what was waiting for them in a trailer in their backyard (video below).

Alto, Texas, homeowners told KYTX that nobody has seen the inside of the trailer in their backyard in roughly a decade. When Marcus Smith, a family friend, offered to help re-model the trailer home, he had no clue what was waiting for him inside.

“So I walk in and I see this massive structure, it looked unreal,” Smith told KYTX. “Like a cocoon, or like mold.”

Smith said he was confused when he first got a view of the giant mass in the trailer.

“But then it clicked to me," he said. "This must be a hive or something."

The hive comes up to Smith’s chest. He is nearly 6 feet tall.

Smith said he started researching to figure out exactly what kind of hive was in the trailer. He discovered, based off images on Google, that it was a hornet’s nest.

The owner of the trailer said she has contacted experts to have the nest removed as quickly as possible.

Sources: KYTXKYTX via YouTube / Photo Credit: KYTX via YouTube

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