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Police: Man Assaulted For Wearing Trump Shirt

A New Jersey man was attacked with a crowbar for wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt, police say.

Peter Yankowski, 62, was walking down the street on Aug. 3 when he says he was approached by a man driving an older vehicle, who took exception to Yankowski's "Trump for President" T-shirt.

The suspect allegedly hurled insults at Yankowski, who responded in kind.

"He called me white trash, cursed me out, gave me the finger," Yankowski told WPIX.

Yankowski then, by his own admission, used racially charged language toward the suspect, who he implies was not white.

"I'm not gonna lie, gentlemen, I did," he said. "Because he called me white trash and this and that, and he almost got out of his car. So I even told the cops that. I said, 'I called him that, I said a few expletives.'"

Following the verbal spat outside, Yankowski went into a Friendly's restaurant. Minutes later, the suspect walked in and they exchanged more expletives, according to WPIX.

The two men agreed to take things outside, which is when Yankowski was allegedly attacked with the crowbar. Yankowski was treated at the scene for injuries to his forearms, hands and thighs. The suspect reportedly fled before police arrived.

For Yankowski, the main issue is regarding free speech.

"People cannot use their First Amendment rights to free speech to oppress people who have their First Amendment rights to speak their mind," Yankowski said.

There has been plenty of violence this year between those who support Donald Trump and those who oppose him. In April, around 20 people were arrested outside a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California, when Trump supporters clashed with protestors who accused them of racism, according to CNN.

One man wearing a Trump T-shirt was photographed with blood on his face after being punched.

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"I think people are tired of these messages of hate," a 26-year-old community organizer told CNN when asked about the violence.

Sources: WPIX, CNN / Photo credit: Twitter via Fox News Insider, Twitter via CNN

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