Man Live-Streams Drunk Driving


A man in Long Island, New York, who was reportedly driving drunk, was arrested March 6 after live-streaming the incident.

Officials tracked down 33-year-old Ahmed Almaki through Periscope after several people called in to report him, the Daily Mail reports.

After stopping Almaki, police say the man emitted a “'strong odor of an alcoholic beverage.” After failing field sobriety tests, officials charged him with DWI.

In addition, he was given tickets for four traffic violations while the DWI was charged as a felony because he had a previous DWI conviction.

Almaki is one of the many people authorities have busted for for live streaming criminal activity on Periscope.

In October 2015 Florida woman Whitney Beall, 23, found herself in trouble with law enforcement after she captured her drunken night out on Periscope, reports KLFY.

“Let’s have fun! Let’s have fun!” Whitney Beall screamed to the camera before videoing her call and telling the world, “I am drunk on South Florida Avenue because I’m a drunk person.”

“Fifty-seven people, oh I didn’t know I’d get this many people,” Beall added, noticing how many people were tuning in to watch. “I am super drunk in the USA and the light is red.”

Two of those viewers reported her to police.

“Within minutes we found her driving, flat front tire, she hit the curb again and it was just obvious from that she was intoxicated,” Lakeland Police Department Sgt. Gary Gross said. “She went through the tests, she failed and went to jail.”

Beall was sentenced to a year on probation and her driver’s license was suspended for six months.

DWIs are not the only crimes Periscope has caught.

In a disturbing case, in Sacramento, California, police arrested two men who were allegedly planning to shoot another man. After watching the pair talk about it on the social media application, police arrested them, reports KMAX.

“If I didn’t think I would get in trouble with the law, n---- I would Periscope everything,” 25-year-old Carlos Gonzalez said on the video with his companion, 28-year-old Damon Batson.

In the video Gonzales explains he is going to take care of a man who may be with one of their girlfriends. Carrying a firearm, they head to the apartment, but nobody was home.

“We’re very fortunate that it ended this way, that no one got hurt,” Sacramento Police Sgt. Doug Morse told KMAX. “It’s not something we see every day, and it is almost unprecedented,” he added.

Sources: Daily Mail, KLFY, KMAX / Photo credit: Nathaniel Hevelone/Flickr

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