Georgia Man Loses Leg After Explosives Stunt (Video)


A Georgia man lost his leg after filming himself shooting at a broken down lawn mower packed with explosives (video below).

On March 19, a deputy responded to a call about an explosion in Walton County. It was reported in the 911 call that 32-year-old David Pressley was shooting Tannerite and “had possibly blown his legs off from the explosion.”

Tannerite is an explosive regularly used for shooting practice. When shot, the explosive creates a loud bang. It has become popular on the Internet to shoot up to 100 pounds of Tannerite on camera, although the manufacturer does not recommend using more than a half a pound at once.

In an attempt to make a viral shooting video, Pressley packed 3 pounds of Tannerite into a broken lawn mower and fired at it, which quickly proved to be a poor decision.

An explosion rung out and David collapsed to the ground, shouting, “I blew my leg off!”

Pressley’s friends wrapped up his leg and drove him to the nearest road. EMS met them there and started working on his leg.

“EMS advised David was missing his left leg below the knee,” a report obtained by WXIA says.

Pressley is recovering from his injuries in an Atlanta hospital.

Video of the incident was turned over to police as evidence and was obtained by WXIA. Watch the video above.

Sources: WXIA, USA Today/YouTube / Photo credit: WXIA

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