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Yard Sign Shows A Hunter Aiming At A Muslim (Photos)

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An East Peoria, Illinois, resident sparked controversy with a yard sign depicting a hunter aiming a gun at a Muslim.

The yard sign is made up of two silhouette cutouts, and is displayed outside of Dennis Murdy's home. Murdy said he put up the cutouts, which he also sells, to send a message about Islam.

"The Muslims and Islam is one of the most violent cults there is," he said. "It is not a religion. It's a cult. Their Quran says nothing but violence. You can see what ISIS is doing. They are spreading across the country and this is biblical."

Murdy told WKTV he doesn't believe all Muslims are violent, but he does blame the peaceful ones for not putting a stop to radicalism. He also said he believes Muslims should not be allowed to enter the country.

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"That was intended to show my feelings on what's happening to our country and other parts of the country," he said. The Islamic Foundation of Peoria said the yard sign sends a hateful message.

"Free speech should not be mixed with hate speech," Imam Kamil Mufti of the Islamic Foundation of Peoria said. "It's extremely important and we have to draw that line. If Islamophobia is going to be acceptable, by the same token, anti-Semitism and racism would be acceptable. That is wrong."

Mufti said most Muslims don't even dress the way the cutout depicts them -- wearing a turban. He worried that the depiction could pose a threat to Sikhs who dress that way.

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Some of Murdy's neighbors said they disagree with the message the cutouts send and called them racist, while others supported his right to freedom of speech.

"Everybody is always a freedom of this, freedom of that. He's using his freedom," neighbor Dalan Williams said.

In November 2015, a news reporter in Toronto, Canada, spotted a sign in a resident's front lawn that asked local Muslims if they were sorry for the terrorist attacks in Paris, reports BuzzFeed. The sign sparked controversy after being posted online, with many voicing their support for the homeowner's decision to call out the local Muslim community.

Sources: WKTV, BuzzFeed / Photo credit: Mad World News

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