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Guy Puts iPhone 6 In Boiling Coca-Cola For No Apparent Reason (Video)

A curious YouTube user decided he would put a brand new iPhone 6 into a pot of boiling Coca-Cola, and the result was exactly what you’d expect.

Since its release, the iPhone 6 has faced its fair share of destructive tests, including being shot with a pistol, microwaved, and frozen with liquid nitrogen, but no test has made people ask, “Why?” as much as the boiling coke test has.

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In this now viral clip, the man decides he’s going to drop a perfectly good iPhone 6 into a pot of boiling Coca-Cola to see what happens. As you’d probably expect, the end result is not good. The phone becomes enveloped in the sugary liquid, and after a few minutes, the outside melts and it suddenly explodes, leaving behind thick green and brown smoke.

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After cooling for a few hours, the man removes the iPhone 6 from the pot of boiling Coke, and while the casing still seems to be intact, the entire thing appears burnt to a crisp. This video, if nothing else, proves that this guy probably needs a new hobby.

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Sources:The Daily Mirror, Phone Arena / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, Phone Arena


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