Chicago Man Arrested In Quadruple Murder


A Chicago man shot and killed four men in a local restaurant in what police believe to be retaliation for his father's killing just a few days before.

Maurice Harris, 19, entered a restaurant in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood, opening fire and killing four men inside April 5, according to WLS-TV. Harris was arrested and denied bail in relation to the murders.

Police say Harris' father, Jerry Jacobs, 37, was shot and killed the day before the restaurant shooting, when four men came out of a dark-colored van and shot him.

After the arrest, Harris' mother, Tamika Harris, told police her son was on the phone with her at the time and was identifying his father's body at a local coroner's office. Police say they stand by their arrest.

"I think a reasonable motive would be that his father got killed and subsequently he shoots and kills these four people," said Cmdr. Brendan Deenihan to WLS-TV. "Does he do that randomly? Only he can answer that question."

"I wouldn't suspect he just picked four random people on the street. That wouldn't make sense to me."

Deenihan also said that several witnesses identified Harris as the only shooter involved in the restaurant slayings.

"While I can't go into the specifics, into his extensive juvenile history, as we've seen too many times before here in Chicago, he is no stranger to CPD," said Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson. "Nor is he unfamiliar with using an illegal handgun."

Police say the four killings were a few of several shootings across the city's South Side in recent days, with seven people killed within a few miles from each other. So far in 2017, 150 people have been murdered in Chicago, according to records maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

"It certainly doesn't make me, as a Chicagoan and as the leader of this department, any less angry and disgusted at the destruction some individuals are willing to cause by their own hand," Johnson said after the arrest.

"It puts under the spotlight exactly the problem that's at the heart of the violence we see in this city: illegal guns and the individuals willing to use them because they don't fear the consequences of their actions," Johnson said.

Harris has been charged with the death of the four men, two of whom are believed by relatives to be bystanders to the incident and not targets.

"They were shooting at somebody, they say, inside the restaurant," said a relative of two of the victims. "My boys just got in the way, I guess."

Sources: WLS-TV(2) / Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann/Flickr

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