Guy Knew He Had A Splinter, But What Came Out -- OUCH!

Guy Knew He Had A Splinter, But What Came Out -- OUCH! Promo Image

A man had a massive splinter removed from his foot, and his co-workers captured the disturbing moment on camera (video below).

In a clip of the incident posted by one of the man's colleagues, a woman can be seen using tweezers to grasp the splinter as it sits in between the man's toes. The woman begins to slowly pull the splinter from the man, named Todd, and finally pulls it completely out.

Once the splinter was removed, it was revealed just how massive it was, shocking people across social media after the video went viral.

"Omg.... that had to hurt... really bad," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

Some even shared their own similar stories of giant splinters.

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"As a young mom hanging wash from a wicker basket , I carried the basket against my leg and it slipped and I got a piece of wicker , about three inches at least stuck in my leg! It hurt for months," one reader commented.

"I ran through a field with a friend and unknowingly ran over a mesquite branch," another user wrote on a Reddit post about the video. "One of the thorns embedded itself in the back of my calf. When my friend and I stopped running I noticed the throbbing in my leg. Her dad had to use pliers to pull it out. The thorn was about three inches long."

"I've heard a story my whole life about my aunt sliding into a pile of broken fiberglass rods when she was a kid and getting a 12" fiberglass splinter jammed into the side of her leg that went in at her calf, out just below her knee, back in just above her knee then back out mid thigh," another commented. "Never seen pictures or anything, but I've heard the story from several family members. My gramp snapped it with pruners where it was exposed near her knee so she could bend her leg to get in the car and go to the hospital." 

"I had one that size in the bottom of my foot," claimed another. "It went in at an angle and had been an inch longer before it broke off and was lodged in my foot. The doctor told me I had a callous and sent me home claiming the tiny splinter she remover was everything. I had it in my foot for 2 days before a surgeon removed it."

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The location of the splinter incident was not disclosed.


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