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Man Gets Extra Time In Prison After Insulting Judge

An Indiana man convicted of armed robbery had his prison term extended at his sentencing hearing Nov. 29 after insulting the judge.

Steven Burns, 25, called Judge Steven Meyer a “cowardly b****” after he was handed a 70-year prison sentence for an armed robbery, WLFI reported.

Meyer then increased the sentence by 180 days for the name-calling.

Steven broke into an elderly couple’s home in August, along with his 23-year-old brother, Joseph, and 27-year-old Adam Smith. They allegedly threatened the husband and wife, both aged 76, and demanded money.

The elderly man initially said he had no money and tried to disarm one of the intruders. The robber then reportedly struck the man over the head with the weapon and threatened him with it. The man responded by telling him where his wallet was.

After taking the money, the robbers allegedly forced the homeowner into the bedroom, where another suspect was watching over his wife.

Two suspects then reportedly pointed their guns at the man.

“You better shut up or I’m going to kill you,” one witness heard a male voice saying, according to WLFI.

The homeowner had a wound to his head and was bleeding. He was treated at the scene.

Police recovered the stolen money, as well as other items, including a watch, rings and other property, a short time later after a brief stand-off at the Burns brothers' home.

Smith was caught on site. He later told police that one of the Burns brothers had beaten up the elderly man. Smith also said he had told his fellow robbers “that injuring the elderly male crossed the line.”

Joseph was due to have a change of plea hearing in court Nov. 30. Smith is still awaiting trial.

At his court hearing Nov. 29, Steven also refused to sign a no contact order for the victims, forcing the judge to order him not to contact them.

Steven already has a series of criminal convictions behind him, including aggravated battery in 2009 and receiving, possessing and selling a stolen vehicle in 2014.

Sources: WLFI (2) / Photo credit: WLFI via WNCN

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