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Guy Gets Unexpected Surprise After Girlfriend Tells Him To Close His Eyes

An Oregon woman who beat her boyfriend with a baseball bat after meeting him in person for the first time will serve up to five years and 10 months in prison.

Haley Fox, a 24-year-old adult performer from Turner, Oregon, met 26-year-old Samuel "Heath" Campbell online in 2013 through an adult website that Fox performed on, the Statesman Journal reports. Two years later, Campbell, an Alabama native, agreed to move to Oregon to live with Fox.

"I really want you to be here and I'm not rethinking it," Fox text messaged him, according to the Statesman Journal.

For their first meeting, Fox set up a table with glasses of wine and candles, the Daily Mail reports.

Fox sat Campbell down at the table and asked him to close his eyes, according to the police report.

She took out a metal baseball bat and beat him over the head three times, leaving him with fractured skull cuts to the head that required staples.

Fox later said that she did not want to be in a relationship with him.

Believing he was going to die, Campbell convinced Fox that if she took him to the hospital, he would hide the truth and tell everyone that he had been mugged, notes the Statesman Journal. He then told nurses and police what had really happened.

Police arrested and charged Fox the following day. She told authorities that Campbell stalked and harassed her for months, and she was afraid to end her relationship with him. She said she had told him many times she did not want to be with him and no choice but to strike him with the bat.

Prosecutors, however, said the 10,000 text messages between the pair told a different story. Court records show that she never asked him to stop contacting her. Prosecutors also claimed that Fox manipulated Campbell in order to steal his money.

Fox pleaded guilty to the charges as part of a plea deal on Sept. 1.

"I would like to apologize to Mr. Campbell for having hit him," Fox told the court. "No one deserves that. … No human being deserves what I did to him, and that's my fault."

At the sentencing hearing on Sept. 30, Judge Thomas Hart sentenced Fox five years and 10 months in prison plus probation for assault in the third degree and unauthorized use of a weapon.

She is eligible to participate in programs that will reduce her sentence.

Sources: Daily MailStatesman Journal
Photo Credit: Marion County Sheriff


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