Man Disembowels Girlfriend For Calling Him Wrong Name

Man Disembowels Girlfriend For Calling Him Wrong Name Promo Image

A Miami man confessed on July 13 that he brutally killed and disemboweled his girlfriend when she called him by the wrong name during sex.

In accordance with a plea deal, 26-year-old Fidel Lopez will avoid the death penalty for the gruesome death of 31-year-old Maria Nemeth, but he will stay behind bars for life, reports WFOR.

The Sun Sentinel notes that Lopez tried to create a plea deal in hopes he would only serve 50 years, but it was rejected. 

Officials said Lopez told them that he snapped and became a "monster" when he heard her ex-husband's name in September 2015.

"She changed my name," he told investigators, according to WFOR. "She called me the name of the other [expletive] guy. And she said it twice and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad. I get really, really mad."

According to officials, things got horrifyingly gruesome at this point. He flew into a rage, smashing objects in their apartment, and then shoved items such as a tequila bottle and a hair straightener up her privates when she passed out from drinking too much, notes the Sun Sentinel. He then reached his arm, elbow deep, into her vagina and pulled out her intestines.

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"If I was sober, maybe I would have just left the apartment. But I was drunk."

After disemboweling her, Lopez brought her to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face to try to wake her up, though it did not work, notes WFOR. He then went outside and smoked a cigarette before coming back inside and calling police, according to his account of events. He told officers that Nemeth was having trouble breathing and was going to die.

Police found the home in a state of disrepair, with fist-sized holes in the wall and a broken closet door and rear door. Blood marked the closet, bathroom and hallway walls, and pieces of bloody tissue lay in the closet.

The confessed killer initially told responders that the pair was having booze-fueled rough sex upon Nemeth's suggestion and that she later vomited and collapsed in the bathroom. 

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Based on her injuries, investigators initially thought that Nemeth had tried to perform an abortion on herself, notes the Sun Sentinel.

But the full story came out upon further questioning.

"People drink but there is no excuse for that," said Roy Jones, a tenant in the apartment complex where Nemeth was the manager.

Sources: WFOR (2, 3), Sun Sentinel / Photo credit: PixabayRainerzufall1234/Wikimedia CommonsJo Naylor/Flickr

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