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'Guns Save Life' Group Uses Anti-Gun Program to Buy Guns for Kids

Last month, 'Guns Save Life,' a pro-gun group that organizes summer shooting camps for children, turned in rusted and broken guns into a Chicago police anti-gun program in exchange for $6,240 in taxpayer money.

According to, the money was then used by 'Guns Save Life' to buy ammunition and guns, which were given to children as young as nine years old.

The anti-gun program, 'Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life,' has no-questions-asked policy that allows for anyone to drop off a gun, no matter the condition, in exchange for prepaid Visa cards worth $100 per gun and $10 per BB gun or air gun.

John Boch, the president of 'Guns Save Life,' recently gloated on his blog: "I’m proud to be president of this fine organization and couldn’t be happier about what our members accomplished in Chicago on Saturday."

"We collected these guns in anticipation of this foolish event orchestrated by big city gun bigots, executed our plan to sell them and used the gift cards to help teach tomorrow’s gun owners safe and responsible use of firearms."

In response, Chicago police spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said in a statement: “We host the gun turn-in event on an annual basis to encourage residents to turn in their guns so we can take guns off the street and it’s unfortunate that this group is abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities.”


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