Guns a No Show on List of Top 15 Concerns for Americans


Gun control has been a hot button issue for much of 2013 because of the background check bill and the Sandy Hook shooting. Now that we have moved to the middle of the year, however, concerns about guns have died down.

The most recent Gallup poll asked participants to name their greatest worry or concern about the future of the United States. Unsurprisingly, the economy ranks as the No. 1 answer with 17 percent of the votes. The government also has a pretty bad reputation at the moment with “government not working for the betterment of the people” ranking in at No. 5 with 4 percent of the vote and government overreach coming in at a distant tie for ninth place with 3 percent of the vote.

Guns issues, however, are nowhere to be found in the top 15. The bottom of the list is a seven-way tie at 2 percent between wealth disparities, social security, immigration, decline of religion, socialism, the president and the future of today’s children.

Guns do finally make an appearance in the extended list with full results. “Gun violence/Gun control” comes in dead last with 1 percent of the votes. According to this poll, there are about as many Americans worried about guns as there are worried about global warming, American morale, the upcoming election, foreign affairs, china, terrorism, poverty, energy, welfare, inflation, crime and war.

Perhaps this is one of the biggest issues plaguing both sides of the gun control debate. Even at the height of the debate, gun rights and gun control did not hit the top of Gallup’s poll. Now that the national debate about gun control has died down a bit, Americans have diverted their attention away from firearms and toward issues surrounding the economy and the National Security Agency.

It is hard to tell whether this shift in public opinion is a good thing or a bad thing for gun owners. Do you think it is unfortunate that the nation is not terribly concerned about guns right now, or is it a good thing that Americans have largely stopped fretting about gun rights and gun control?

Source: Gallup


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