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Guns and Alcohol Could Soon Mix in New Mexico

New Mexico State Representative John Heaton recently introduced House Bill 105, a piece of legislation
that would permit those with concealed carry permits to bring their
firearms into establishments that serve alcohol.

The NRA is a strong supporter of the bill and today released the following statement:

"State Representative John Heaton (D-Carlsbad) has introduced House Bill 105, a measure that would permit Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves in establishments that are licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises IF the establishment derives more than 60% of their annual gross receipts from the sale of food. 

"The legislature passed House Bill 588 in 2007 to open up grocery and convenience stores, which sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, to Concealed Handgun Licensees; NRA supported that bill and backs this latest effort to allow them to lawfully enter restaurants."

Gun control organizations, both in the New Mexico and across the nation, have argued that the bill would make the state's bars and restaurants unsafe for workers and patrons. In an Associated Press interview, Brady Campaign senior counsel Brian Seibel called laws that would allow guns to be brought into businesses that serve alcohol "insane."

Heaton's proposed bill comes shortly after similar legislation was passed in Arizona and New Mexico.



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