Gunmen Kill 2 Men in Arizona Suspected of Being Illegal Immigrants

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Pima County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for two vigilantes who opened fire on a truck carrying immigrants that may have been illegal immigrants.

The shooters jumped the truck late Sunday night on a local road near Eloy, Arizona. They wore camouflage and carried rifles according to Dawn Barkman, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department. Police are not clear on the shooters’ motives, but the attack took place in an area known for human trafficking and illegal immigration.

After the two immigrants were killed a suspected 28 additional passengers are thought to have escaped the scene. Five were discovered hiding out in the desert nearby. They were questioned by police and turned over to border patrol agents.

Gangs have accosted groups of illegal immigrants and suspected illegal immigrants in the past for a number of reasons. Some are seeking vigilante justice. Others just want to hold the illegal immigrants for ransom or to extort money from them.

No information about the two men killed has been released, though Ms. Barkmen assured the media that “Every possibility is being investigated,” according to the Daily Mail.

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