Gunmen in Georgia Break Into Home, Kill Nine-Month-Old Baby

Nine-month-old Kendarius Edwards was a victim of senseless gun violence in DeKalb County, Georgia over the weekend.

Edwards was shot and killed on Saturday when gunmen broke into his mother’s home in search of two teenagers police say are responsible for two recent murders in the area. The teenagers weren’t home when the gunmen broke in, but they still opened fire on the home’s residents. Three women and young Kendarius were shot, but only the infant was killed.

“It is one of the most egregious acts I have ever experienced,” DeKalb Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander said. “They (people in the house) ran upstairs with that child and barricaded themselves…. And those guys kicked in that door and shot them at point-blank range.”

DeKalb police say the gunmen were originally out to get Cutrez Johnson, 16, and Oslushla Smith, 19. At least one of the two teens lives at Edwards’ house. Both Johnson and Smith are wanted for two murders in the area. The reason for the first murder is unknown. Police say the second murder victim was killed because he was a witness to the first killing. On Saturday, the gunmen were looking for revenge for those killings.

As of right now, Smith, Oslusha, and the gunmen who killed Edwards are on the run from police. 

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mail Online


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