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Gunfire Erupts At Press Conference On Gun Violence (Video)

In the middle of a Mississippi press conference on gun violence, local news cameras in Jackson caught gunshots from a drive-by shooting on tape.

During an interview with Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes in a city park, gunshots erupted.

"Did somebody just really drive by and ... that was a gun shot!" said a reporter.

“You can see what I’m saying,” Stokes responded. “Here at this time, you’re hearing gunshots and those kinds of things, because that’s the nonsense that’s taking place. We must have a police presence.”

Stokes explained to reporters why basketball hoops were taken out of Mary Jones Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. He said basketball games in the park often erupted in violence.

“A few weeks ago some person decided to go home and get a gun and [shoot] up the whole basketball court,” he said.

He said the park is just too dangerous and that it’s unfit for children to play in. He’s calling on the Jackson Police Department and the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department to step up their presence.

People who live near the park are asking for better security.

“If we had security maybe we’d have more children to participate in the activities that go on in the park,” concerned citizen Grace Mozee told WAPT-TV.

“I think it would be a deterrent for some of the things that may happen there,” said Karen Porter.

The sheriff’s department says its hands are tied because Stokes and other lawmakers voted to reduce its budget.

Sources: TheBlaze, WJTV


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