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Man Threatens Motel Guest With Gun, Ends Up Getting Taken Down

An altercation in a Jackson, Mississippi Motel 6 parking lot over a cigarette resulted in gunfire.

Alton Lindsey, a hotel guest, claims he was approached by a man in the Motel 6 parking lot asking for a cigarette, reports WAPT.

When Lindsey told him he did not have one to give things went sour.

“As the unknown male proceeded to turn around he turned back towards the complainant advising the complainant 'I bet you don't have one of these,' pointing a gun in his direction. At that point the complainant pulled out his weapon and began firing shots,” according to Officer Colendula Green.

"We heard a gunshot and we stepped outside and that's when I saw the guy backpedaling and we yelled, 'Hey' and he turned and fired at us," said Lindsey's coworker, Christopher Atwood.

"He pulled a gun on him and my boss pulled his little pistol out and I guess he shot him in the chest," Atwood said.

The shooting victim left the hotel parking lot and was later found at the Pines apartment complex. His name has not been identified and he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Lindsey is not being charged in the shooting as he is protected under Mississippi’s castle law, reports MS News Now.


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