Gun Used To Kill NYPD Officers Was Sold At Georgia Pawn Shop


A Taurus handgun used by Ismaaiyl Brinsley to kill two police officers in New York City last Saturday was sold at the Arrowhead Pawn Shop in Jonesboro, Georgia, in 1996.

That is the last transaction that has been traced so far before it ended up in the hands of Brinsley, who was not allowed to own a gun because of his felony crime record. He also had a history of mental illness.

An Asian man reportedly bought the gun in 1996, but gave the firearm to his cousin, but it's not clear how the weapon made it to Brinsley, who killed himself after shooting the NYPD officers.

“We’ll try to piece together the trail of that gun, from hand to hand, from person to person, to find out how it gets to him,” an unidentified police official told The New York Times.

The Arrowhead Pawn Shop was the leading out-of-state source of guns in New York City crimes in 2010, according to the New York Daily News.

Georgia is reportedly part of “Iron Pipeline,” which is a group of southern states with lax gun laws, which allows for a constant flow of guns up to northern states with tougher firearm laws.

A former federal law enforcement official told The New York Times that the Arrowhead Pawn Shop was "like a Crazy Eddie of gun dealers. They had a lot of volume and they did a lot of business.”

In response to the controversy, an Arrowhead Pawn Shop employee said, “We’re not going to answer any questions today. Please leave.”

The Arrowhead Pawn Shop website states: "We are a family owned business dedicated to good prices, good customer service and good vibes. We have been in the same strip center for the past 20 years and enjoy a good relationship with all the merchants in our strip center."

Sources: The New York Times, New York Daily News,
Image Credit: Arrowhead Pawn Shop Logo


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