Gun-Toting Pastor Catches Serial Package-Stealing Granny: Texas Police


A Texas pastor was determined to find out who had been stealing packages from his front porch for the last few weeks.

Pastor Benny Holmes was “at his wit’s end” when he decided to wait for the thief to pounce again. He put out a few fake deliveries and sat in wait with his handgun.

After several hours, a car pulled into his driveway and Laurie Ferguson, 52, calmly got out and picked up the boxes, New York Daily News reported.

Inside the vehicle sat Ferguson’s two grandchildren, police said.

She allegedly told Holmes that she was there looking for her lost dog, but Holmes says he recognized her. When he caught her on the side of his house two years ago, his wife Pat Holmes says, she gave the same excuse.

“I guess she uses that every time she gets caught,” Pat Holmes said. “This time he replied, ‘You found him, bow wow.’’’

When authorities arrived at the Baytown home, Holmes was holding Ferguson up at gunpoint. He had instructed her to lay on her stomach on the ground until police arrived.

Police allegedly found several items in Ferguson’s possession which had been reported stolen by Holmes and other Baytown residents. One of the items was a robe that had been delivered to Holmes’ address back in June.

Ferguson was charged with theft.

Holmes is not facing any charges.

“Here in Texas, you’re allowed to protect your property,” said police Detective Luzette Watkins.

Sources: Washington Times, New York Daily News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Drew Stephens, Flickr / Mike Carpenter


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