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Gun-Toting Man who Raises Health Clinic Ruckus Asks Judge to Dismiss Charges

A man in Brentwood, New Hampshire, is asking a judge to dismiss two charges of disorderly conduct relating to a loud argument at a women’s health-care center during which he was openly carrying a gun.

Jonathan Irish, 27, filed the motion to dismiss on Monday, stating that the charges “give the clear impression [that] if/while exercising the Second Amendment you do not have the First, and vice versa.”

The incident occurred at the Harbour Women's Health clinic on June 27, where Irish was accompanying his wife and child for a medical visit. According to allegations, Irish refused to stay in the designated waiting area, and entered an employee-only section with his weapon.

Irish is charged with making “loud and unreasonable” noises, yelling curse words and generally making a disruptive scene.

Irish was legally carrying his weapon in accordance with state laws, and believes that the fact that he had a gun should not affect his charges.

Said Irish, the charges are “nothing short of a word for word verbatim (with the addition of the fact that I was armed) taken directly out of the state statute. That says that if you have a weapon, you can't argue with someone. So, to exercise my Second Amendment right, I have to sacrifice my First Amendment right?”

Irish has stated that he and his wife always carry their guns with them. He said, “We go everywhere carrying. We don't carry our weapons to be big and bad and to intimidate everyone. The only one who is going to protect us is us. It's legally allowed, and we're not some dumb, backwoods idiots who decided to get some guns.”

Irish was involved in a similar incident in July 2011, when he attended a naturalization ceremony at Strawbery Banke Museum while openly carrying his gun. Eventually, a detective at the event convinced him to leave along with his then-girlfriend, who also openly carried a firearm.

Source: SeacoastOnline


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