Gun-Toting Ex-Police Chief Gets Reality TV Show, Threatens Haters (Video)

Mark Kessler, the former police chief of Gilberton, Pa., has reportedly landed a new TV reality series.

The angry, gun-toting, liberal-hating Kessler was forced out of his job after he posted videos on YouTube of himself cursing politicians and shooting assault weapons.

Kessler claims the new series may include a militia-style group that he created, noted MyFoxPhilly.com.

Kessler's militia is called III Percent, which he says refers to the three percent of Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War.

According to Mcall.com, Kessler told a news conference that III Percent has about thousand members in the U.S. who promote free speech and the right to bear arms.

Kessler says Relativity Media will produce his reality series, but it's not clear what cable or broadcast network it will air on.

"We're not trying to get people to be vigilantes," added Kessler. "That is not what we're about."

Kessler's retirement deal reportedly included a $30,000 payment and a promise by the ex-chief
not to contact city officials or attend their meetings.

However, he may have broken that deal this week by posting a threatening video (below) in which he curses and fires an AR-15 assault rifle, reports RawStory.com.

“All you f------ bastards down there in that f---- town, all you f----- politicians that wanna play f---- games, all you did was awaken a sleeping f------ giant!” yells Kessler. "Your f----- day is coming! Trust me!"

Kessler then fires his assault weapon into some woods.

Sources: MyFoxPhilly.com, Mcall.com, RawStory.com


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