Gun Supporters Rally Around Gun Store That Modified Assault Weapons (Video)

Over 250 pro-gun supporters rallied outside the Albion Gun Shop in Orleans County, N.Y., on Monday in support of co-owner Joe Palumbo.

The New York SAFE Act, signed by Governor Cuomo in 2013, included a requirement that assault weapons could not have a detachable magazine.

However, Palumbo installed bullet-button devices that allowed gun owners to remove the magazine with a special tool. This modification was found to be illegal by New York State Police who requested 165 records of customers who bought the illegal assault weapons.

However, Palumbo would not give the state police the records they sought and claimed the state gun hotline gave him verbal approval to sell the modified assault weapons.

Palumbo also claims that a New York State Police Officer threatened to raid his store, but the New York State Police say there were no charges against Palumbo or the people who bought that guns that were unintentionally illegal, noted WGRZ (video below).

During the rally for Palumbo (video below), several gun supporters denounced the "tyranny" that Palumbo has supposedly had to endure.

According to Guns.com, New York State Assemblyman Stephen Hawley stated, “I voted against the SAFE Act because of situations exactly like this, the Albion Gun Shop did everything they could to be in compliance with the law, but still ran afoul of it with serious consequences to their business. I stand with the Albion Gun Shop and continue to push for the SAFE Act to be repealed.”

However, the SAFE Act never advised gun store owners to modify assault weapons so that the magazines could be removed with a special tool.

For his part, Palumbo is complying with the SAFE Act by filling in the modified bullet-buttons with a special epoxy so that the gun magazines cannot be removed.

Sources: WGRZ, Guns.com


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