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Gun Store Worker Harasses TV Reporter (Video)

A TV reporter was reportedly harassed by a gun store employee in Elk Grove, California, on July 13 (video below).

KXTV reporter Bianca Graulau went to speak to the owner of Wild Bill's Old West Trading Co. about a Confederate flag that was hanging outside the store.

In July 2015, the owner said the flag was coming down after protests and alleged threats against store employees. The pro-slavery flag did come down, but for some reason it went back up a year later.

Graulau went to the gun store, which also sported a "Trump for President" sign, but the owner refused to speak to her and asked her to leave.

Outside of the store was a note addressed to the media that read: "You know why we fly the flag so there will be no need to speak to anyone about why it's back out! You twist the truth! Also don't enter the store!"

Graulau waited outside the store in an effort to get comments from customers. The store reportedly called the police, who arrived and told Graulau that it was a private parking lot but open to the public, so she could stay as long as she did not interfere with the business.

An unidentified gun store employee then repeatedly walked outside and turned on his car alarm with a remote control.

Graulau and her crew remained, and that same employee came outside with a handgun strapped to his waist and filmed the TV crew with a cell phone.

After about 20 minutes, Graulau and her crew ended up leaving.

In another strange TV moment, two men gave the finger while Fox News journalist Carl Cameron was doing a live report outside Trump Tower in New York City on July 14, noted

Cameron was reporting on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's possible vice presidential choices while the men flipped off the camera.

Sources: KXTV, / Photo Credit: KXTV via YouTube

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