Gun Store Refuses to Give Customer List to US Gov. (Video)


Ares Armor is an Oceanside, Calif. gun store that sells parts to people who want to build their own guns without serial numbers or registration.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is concerned about Ares Armor selling an 80 percent lower receiver, which is the main component for do-it-yourself AR-15 assault weapon (video below).

The 80 percent lower receiver requires the buyer to drill out the remaining 20 percent to make it functioning.

The ATF claims Ares Armor was selling a plastic 80 percent lower receivers that showed buyers exactly where to drill, which is illegal. The ATF wants Ares Armor to turn over its 80 percent lower receivers and customer list.

Ares Armor agreed to give up its 80 percent lower receivers, but not the customer list.

Ares Armor was threatened with a raid this week by ATF, but has obtained a temporary restraining order against the ATF until a future court date.

“They said either give us these 5,000 names or we’re coming in and we’re pretty much taking everything, which is a huge, huge privacy concern and something we are not willing to do,” Ares Armor owner Dimitrios Karras told Fox 5 San Diego.

“They were gonna search all of our facilities, they were gonna confiscate our computers. They were pretty much gonna shut our business down,” added Karras.

According to 23 ABC, the ATF recently raided the EP Armory and the owner's home in Bakersfield, Calif.

The owner, Chris Cook, said the ATF told him they were looking for "illegal firearms."

Karras wrote on the Ares Armor site:

During a meeting with the BATFE around the end of 2012... the Agent that was present very strongly requested that I turn over Ares Armor’s customer list. He intimidated me with the possibility of criminal charges if he was not satisfied. This was the first attempt the BATFE made to intimidate Ares Armor into turning over private customer information.

Sources: Fox 5 San Diego, Ares Armor, 23 ABC


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