Gun Store Owner Starts Facebook Page to List, Boycott Anti-Gun Businesses (Video)


A gun store owner in Terre Haute, Ind., has set up a Facebook page to list and boycott businesses that do not allow guns in their establishments.

“What we are hoping to see is that gun enthusiasts will ban together and say, 'Look this is a location that doesn’t want our business, and we are going to oblige them and not give them our business,'” Steve Ellis, who owns the Top Guns gun store, told WTHI (video below).

“We vote with our money every single day, so what we are doing when we support that business is saying that we are ok with that rule,” added Ellis.

Ellis' Facebook page, entitled “No Guns = No Money,” targets toy stores, local fast-food restaurants and movie theaters.

“In some ways they feel that putting this ["No Guns Allowed"] sign up, it’s going to stop a criminal from coming in and doing something bad," claimed Ellis. "The reality is that the only people they are going to regulate are those of us that are following the rule."

However, many businesses have actually banned guns because the presence of armed people makes customers nervous and costs them money.

“We should all be allowed to carry our guns, but you don’t need to carry it inside," gun owner Angel Owen told WTHI. "Little things can cause big accidents."

“I just don’t feel like everyone needs to walk inside carrying a gun. You don’t know what little thing is going to set somebody off and them take out their gun and take care of things,” added Owen.

Ellis countered, "What we are doing is making a statement saying, 'Look if this is the stance you are going to take against the Second Amendment then don’t expect us to support the business.'"

He told CBS Chicago that a local restaurant, which is part of a national chain that banned guns, caved into the boycott before the Facebook page was launched.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) tried a similar online “anti-gun” list, which included teacher and medical associations, but it was taken down in 2013, noted MSNBC

Sources: WTHI, Facebook, MSNBC, CBS Chicago


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