Gun Store Owner Robbed By Two Masked Gunmen (Video)


A gun store in Fresno, California, was robbed by two masked gunmen last Thursday morning.

Surveillance video (below) shows two men dressed in black outfits and masks entering Fresno Firearms.

"They then took out some kind of bag or pillow case type object and removed a number of firearms from the business," Fresno Police Lt. Jon Papaleo told ABC 30.

While crooks fled with 13 guns inside their pillowcase, they knocked down an 85-year-old man who was bringing the 65-year-old owner some coffee, noted the Fresno Bee.

"He just happened to be unfortunately walking in when the suspects were running out," added Papaleo.

The elderly man, owner of a nearby shoe repair shop, was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was reported in critical but stable condition.

"Several witnesses on scene said they believe the individuals were seen leaving the area in a late-model white Cadillac," stated Papaleo.

Sources: ABC 30, Fresno Bee


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