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Gun Store Owner Crockett Keller Offers Teachers a Discount on Gun Licenses

Crockett Keller, of Kellers Riverside Gun Store in Austin, Texas, is offering teachers a concealed handgun license at a discount, following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Keller told KRLD-TV: "As we do with veterans, I would offer them a discount. Our normal rate is $110.00, so I would give them a rate of $90.00, if they are teachers, we would be more than happy to do that.”

“We need to start thinking out of the box and deal with this violent culture. We need to lobby our various state governments to allow teachers to be armed. Our personal safety is our responsibility, unfortunately the police and the military cannot be everywhere. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.”

In response, Gayle Fallon, of the American Federation of Teachers, told KRLD-TV: “I knew this would come up at some point, there would be people who think the answer is to put guns on campus. Frankly I think it’s absurd. In a lot of cases, the perpetrator is a kid. Look at Columbine, it was a 14-year-old kid. You tell me a teacher is going to look in the eyes of a 14-year-old and pull the trigger, it’s not in their emotional make up.”


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