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Gun Shows Under Attack in Minnesota

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With Minnesota’s 2010 legislative session coming to an end, anti-gun State Representative Michael Paymar (DFL-64B) intends to offer an amendment to a yet unknown bill, which would severely regulate the sale of firearms at gun shows in Minnesota. 

Representative Paymar has until the last minute on Monday, May 17 to attach this amendment, so it is important that you once again urge your Representative to block his continued anti-gun agenda.

His proposed amendment would force all private sales conducted at gun shows across Minnesota to go through a background check. Gun prohibitionists, such as Representative Paymar, falsely claim that many criminals get their guns from gun shows, but the most recent federal study puts the figure at only 0.7 percent. 

This effort is a stepping stone for anti-gun advocates seeking to ban all private sales, even among family and friends.

Please contact your State Representative immediately and urge them to opposeRepresentative Paymar’s “Gun Show” amendment should it come up. To find contact information for your State Representative, please click here.


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